What is Bomanite?

We are frequently asked “What is Bomanite?” Bomanite is a brand name, owned by The Bomanite Company, for decorative concrete products - including concrete colors, imprinting tools and sealers, among many others. Bomanite’s offices are located in Granite Bay, California and Denver, Colorado. For more than 60 years, The Bomanite Company has formulated hundreds of industry-leading and unique products, all of which meet the highest industry standards and are of the highest quality and consistency. Bomanite contractors are called Bomanite Licensed Contractors, each of which is independently owned and operated. There are over 250 Bomanite Licensed Contractors across the country, and countless more around the world. Since 2002 Bomanite of Tulsa, Inc. has been a Bomanite Licensed Contractor, and that is what makes us different than other decorative concrete contractors.

As a Bomanite Licensed Contractor (BLC), Bomanite of Tulsa, Inc. receives specialty training directly from The Bomanite Company. We have attended countless training seminars at Bomanite’s training facility in Denver. This training is what separates us from our competition, as we are continually fine tuning our capabilities. Additionally, The Bomanite Company holds an annual meeting that is attended by BLCs each year. By attending the training seminars and annual meeting, Bomanite of Tulsa, Inc. maintains its strong relationship with hundreds of other Bomanite Licensed Contractors. Since BLCs don’t normally compete against each other in a single marketplace, these relationships allow a Bomanite Licensed Contractor to consult with their peers to resolve issues that come up occasionally when installing concrete flooring in different circumstances. No other decorative concrete contractor has access to such an extensive training and information network. That is what makes Bomanite of Tulsa, Inc. the best decorative concrete contractor in our area! We are not always the least expensive, but we strive to provide the very best level of customer service and quality available. And when a problem arises (as occasionally happens in construction), we have the experience and resources, through Bomanite and the BLC network, to correctly identify the issue and promptly correct it.

Our success over the years has encouraged some contractors to try to duplicate our products and workmanship. Some of our competitors have gone so far as to say that they can install “Bomanite,” or that their work is the same as Bomanite of Tulsa’s work. Please understand that if you do not deal directly with our office and estimators and sign a Bomanite of Tulsa, Inc. contract, you are not getting an original Bomanite product installed by Bomanite of Tulsa, Inc. We are the exclusive Bomanite Licensed Contractor for the Northeastern Oklahoma territory. You can learn more about The Bomanite Company at www.bomanite.com.


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